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"Flaconi" red with amber decoration

"Flaconi" red with amber decoration

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Extraordinary Perfume Bottle in submerged red blown glass with amber decoration. They come in two different shapes, made by the artist Simone Mian.

Home looks better with a touch of the venetian class!
Have one of these great and thick glass perfume bottles, totally hand made in Murano by the glass master Simone Mian.

They come in two different shapes:
"Oliva"           - H. 20 cm. W. 9 cm.  (7.8"x 3.5")
"Flattened"   - H. 14 cm. W. 12 cm. (5.5"x 4.7")
Choose the one you like... or get a great discount for the set of two!!

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